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Cameras and Video Conferencing

About Pixavi

Pixavi was established in 1999 with the main focus of bringing innovative wireless video communication products to the market. We were pioneers within the digital wireless video industry as the first company in the world to introduce a commercial WLAN/WiFi video collaboration product already in 1999. We have since then specialized in developing high performance industrial grade wireless video products for a range of industries.

Pixavi pioneered the wireless video conferencing business back in 1999 (our name was VisiWear back then). Building on the tradition of the ST1000 (year 2000), EX 2000 (year 2001), CP 3000 (year 2002), and the 3100 series (year 2003), the brand new 3500, 4000 and 5000 series builds on a long tradition of highly innovative products.
Hazardous and Harsh Environment Solutions

Pixavi Technology is proving its worthiness in some of the worlds toughest environments. The oil and gas offshore installations have long been deemed a very brutal and unforgiving place of busines. With the introduction of Pixavi technology to these areas, large oil and gas companies have gained cost saving attributes and a safer working environment.

Over the past eight years, many of the world leading Oil & Gas companies along with Oil & Gas service companies have utilized the Pixavi intrinsically safe video cameras to communicate and collaborate within these harsh conditions. The ATEX Camera with its two way audio and video allows workers in the field to address issues, problems and situations with colleagues anywhere in the world. With its dynamic and revolutionary technology, the new Xcaster EX-5000 high definition wireless video conferencing system enables fast, secure and effective information flow from point to point allowing for discussions or effective multiparty collaboration all in real time.

To shut down or not to shut down

The decision to order a shut down is costly. Both time, money and safety elements are on the line. During these situations the Pixavi technology has time and again proven itself as an invaluable tool essential to critical information flow. On many occasions, the live video streams have helped managers, engineers and roughnecks alike to illustrate problems, and to determine quick and responsible paths to corrective measure to quickly have the shut down minimized. On many occasions, shut-downs have all together been completely averted, simply by establishing a video collaboration between parties onshore and offshore, to which colleagues could quickly conclude that issues could otherwise be handled without shutting down production!


The Xcaster EX-5000 mobile video conferencing system is able to deploy at a moments notice when time is critical. With the ability to operate in hazardous areas both onshore and offshore, this Wi-Fi camera is able to maneuver quickly to various parts of the oil rig or production plant. By using the Pixavi EX-AP-A explosive proof, ATEX certified access points in these ATEX required areas, the Xcaster EX-5000 equipment can immediately begin to send High Definition (HD) quality video via the wireless network to virtually any point in the world. The Xcaster EX5000 is also able to help in cases of E-learning and safety inspection. Essentially: Maximize your resources and minimize travel needs.

Wireless Video Streaming within Military

With the increased demand for peacekeeping missions, so is the demand for knowledge resources to help control, inform and delegate materials and mission critical information to those troubled areas.

Pixavi has a wide variety of products and solutions, that can help facilitate even the most troubling of situations, within the most demanding of environments. Should the need call for high-quality, mobile, wireless video conferencing, or durable weather proof antennas that confirm to toughest criteria, Pixavi has the solution to help the cause.

With the Xcaster ST-5000 mil spec. wireless video conferencing system, peacekeeping forces and aid workers can freely move within difficult terrain, maneuver through brush and obstacles, to report in real-time to operation centers, quickly and efficiently. With High-Definition image quality, the Xcaster ST-5000, transfers the detailed images straight from the field, thought a dedicated network, back to the operations centers.

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