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SGOES Optical Gas Detector

Manufacturer: ESP Safety Inc
Description ESP Safetys SGOES Gas Detector monitors concentration of hydrocarbon gases in the environment. The SGOES is configured to report alarms when the gas concentrations in the environment reach the lowest of three independently programmable levels, expressed as a percentage of the lower explosive limit (LEL) in the air. As determined by application requirements, the SGOES is factory calibrated with one of eight hydrocarbon-based gases (typically methane or propane). Conversion factors are used to correct for gases other than the factory calibration gas. The optical is not dependent on the presence of oxygen in a mixture of gases and therefore can function effectively in environments where the other sensor technologies cannot.

•   Low power (< 4.5W) operation for cost savings
•   Versatile indoor/outdoor installation
•   Industry standard digital, analog, and relay outputs for remote alarm and fault indications
•   Resistance to vibration ensures reliability and durability
•   Operates effectively in fog and high humidity
•   Wide operating temperature range provides flexibility and reliability
•   High sensitivity to all hydrocarbon gases/vapors for maximum property protection and personal safety
•   Open path optical sensor  no physical contact between sensor and environment
•   IR optical path obstruction monitoring (dust, paint, etc.) provides maintenance alerts

Download Data Sheet and Operating Manual for more information.

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