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Emergency Call and Information Terminals

Designed specifically as a call terminal, the LE LAS TLB353 is an anti-vandal terminal, that incorporates the market leading Modulotel range of phones, suitable for a wide array of applications including:

  • Emergency Roadside Call Unit
  • Taxi Call Terminal
  • Tunnel Call Station
  • Remote Gate entrance Call Station
  • Minesite Access Gate Call Station
  • University Security Call Station
  • Train Station Infomation Terminals
  • Unattended Carpark Call Station

The unit is very adaptable, and available in a variety of configurations including Analogue PABX, VoIP and GSM, together with a solar panel option for power in remote or isolated areas.

The unit carries many useful features, such as a top mounted light to identify the location and/or purpose of the terminal, and a back-lit keypad to enable easy use at night or in dark areas.

The configuration of the Modulotel phone is also highly customisable and can include features such as cameras, single or multiple call buttons, loud speakers, digital displays and chain calling (enabling successive calls to up to 8 different numbers if the first number is busy or unattended).

In addition the unit can be remotely controlled and monitored.

ExProducts and LE LAS have a wide range of solutions for Emergency and  Information Call terminals, so please contact us with your specific needs and we will be more than happy to tailor a solution specifically for you.

Technical Features:

Power Supply:                       240V AC 50Hz (permanent or at night only)
                                                Solar Panel and Battery (optional).
Telephone Power Supply:    24-60V DC
Weather Proof Protection:    IP55
Anti Vandal Protection:         IK 8
                                                 Anti Graffiti cover (optional)
Call Format:                            Hands-free in Analogue, VoIP or GSM. Call preset number(s) by pushing                         
                                                 one button. Chain call up to 8 numbers if primary unanswered.
Colour:                                    Terminal Standard is Grey,
                                                 Available in other colours upon request.
Anchor:                                   Dynabolt and/or anchor directly to concrete pad

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