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Intrinsically Safe Mobile Smart Phones


Stop using "dumb" phones that only operate on the GSM network and offer little if any smarts!

Intrinsically Safe Mobile PhoneThe Airo® I-Safe™ 28 is the worlds’ first 3G Intrinsically Safe Smart Phone designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of safety under international standards, including IECEx Zone 1, UL-913 and ATEX Zone 1 providing world-wide certification coverage for global enterprises.

This combination enables workers in hazardous gas and dust environments around the world to maintain communications, run applications and capture mission critical data in a small, lightweight, use-anywhere smartphone, with confidence. 

Specifically designed for the Oil & Gas industry, I-SafeTM 28 provides a non-incendive solution for ex-hazardous environments. The I-SafeTM 28 is much more than just a smartphone; it is a REAL SMART phone. With hyper-accurate GPS in a superior military standard ruggedized handset, the Airo I-Safe™ 28 offers a dedicated Emergency/Man-Down/Panic button, so if problems arise while in the field you can identify the exact location and position of the affected user and respond precisely and quickly; a great solution for HSE or Lone Worker issues. Additionally, by subscribing to the unique Group Locate™ application, the Airo® I-Safe™ 28 device allows you to pin point the exact location of all personnel, providing real-time positioning information, better decisions, better workforce utilisation, more up-time and inevitably higher profits. Group Locate™ can also provide a unique and rapid disaster recovery tool in the event of an emergency event, providing the ability to send emergency response teams directly to the people in need, even when they are unconscious and unable to communicate themselves.

Running on an enterprise level Windows Mobile platform the Airo® I-Safe™ 28 allows the use of more than 50,000 unique and powerful business applications such as SAP, or even the creation of custom functionality, while maintaining data and encrypted security. With a built in camera and video, coupled with optional features including Barcode and RFID reading for asset tracking and SCADA monitoring systems, there is nothing that comes close to the standards and functionality of the Airo® I-Safe™ 28.

Whether your enterprise needs a go-anywhere business machine, or simply a phone to carry into explosive environments, the Airo® I-SafeTM is the answer.


Airo I-SAFE 28

Delighting field force users since 2008, Airo provides totally unique Intrinsically Safe,...

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