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Ultrasonic Maintenance Instruments

UE SYSTEMS INC., manufacturer of the famous Ultraprobe instruments, produces portable and on-line ultrasonic instruments for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection. Used in energy conservation, predictive maintenance, safety and quality assurance programs around the world, they help all types of companies, large and small, become more productive.

Since its' founding in 1973, UE Systems Inc., has been recognized as the worldwide leader in the technology of airborne ultrasound. UE supports its' products and services through an international network of highly skilled, trained sales agents.

Whether you're looking for a portable instrument to enhance your condition monitoring or energy conservation program or for on-line, continuous monitoring you will find what you're looking for here.

Ultraprobe Applications

There are many applications for an Ultraprobe. Sensing high frequency emissions, these instruments are used in most any industry, including general manufacturing, processing, power generation and distribution, printing and transportation. Typical applications include:

Leak Detection:

pressure or vacuum systems, seals and gaskets, wind noise, hatch leaks, vacuum bagging, compressed air, compressors, valves, steam traps, heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, building envelope, glove box, distillation columns.

Ultrasonic leak detection is extremely broad based. Sensing ultrasounds generated by a leak, the ULTRAPROBE can be used to locate leaks in pressurized systems regardless of the type of gas used. This is especially beneficial in areas where there is a saturation of gases or where a wide variety of gases, pressurized vessels and vacuum processes exist.

Time and convenience are also improved with ultrasonic detection since equipment may be tested while on-line.

How Ultrasonic Leak Detection Works:

During a leak, a fluid (liquid or gas) moves from a high pressure to a low pressure. As it passes through the leak site, a turbulent flow is generated. This turbulence has strong ultrasonic components which are heard through headphones and seen as intensity increments on the meter. It can be generally noted that the larger the leak, the greater the ultrasound level.

Mechanical Inspection:

bearing faults (all speeds), lack of lubrication, prevent over lubrication, compressors, pumps (cavitation), motors, gears/gear boxes, hydraulic systems, fans, couplings, trending, trend reports, spectral analysis.

Inspection of mechanical equipment with ultrasonic instruments such as the Ultraprobe has many advantages. Ultrasound inspection provides early warning of bearing failure, detects lack of lubrication, prevents over lubrication and can be used on high as well as low speed bearings. In addition, since ultrasound is a high frequency, short wave signal, it is possible to filter out stray, confusing background noises and focus on the specific item to be inspected. Basic inspection methods are extremely simple and require very little training.

Ultrasonic condition analysis is straightforward. Users can observe sound levels while simultaneously listening to sound quality and record both sound and data for analysis through specialized software. Digital instruments provide many possibilities for a comprehensive bearing condition program including sound sample recording, data logging, trending, alarm groups, sound (spectral) analysis and reporting.

How Ultrasound Bearing and Mechanical Inspection Works:

Mechanical movements produce a wide spectrum of sound. By focusing on a narrow band of high frequencies, the Ultraprobe detects subtle changes in amplitude and sound quality. It then heterodynes these normally undetectable sounds down into the audible range where they are observed on a meter (for trending and comparison purposes) and heard through headphones.

Based on research by NASA, it was established that ultrasonic monitoring provides early warning of bearing failure. Various stages of bearing failure have been established. An 8 dB gain over baseline indicates pre-failure or lack of lubrication. A 12 dB increase establishes the very beginning of the failure mode. A 16 dB gain indicates advanced failure condition while a 35-50 dB gain warns of catastrophic failure.


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